The Center for Media & Health has designed and implemented a wide variety of media formats, communication interventions and research projects. Our scientific-based projects have changed the knowledge, attitudes and behavior of various groups in society in European countries on pressing issues such as sexual responsible behavior, moderate alcohol and drug use, hearing loss prevention, sustainable consumption patterns and social and cultural tolerance.

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In the spotlight

2017: Winner Marc Cornelissen | Brightlands Award and ZonMw Pearl Award

Sound Effects

An awarded crossmedia EE campaign to prevent hearing loss

Positive Deviance

How schools amplify psychological resilience - A Positive Deviance Inquiry

Bhutan Entertainment Media for Behavior Change Training Program

Mark My Words

An innovative method using markers to track the reach of an health intervention

Martine Bouman Inaugural Lecture

Amusing Ourselves to Health and Happiness


Interactive EE drama. Find out how they can change their story


Entertainment-Education Academy

Invest in knowledge and potential

Consultancy International

Entertainment-Education and Child Marriage


Target group orientated communication strategies for sustainable lifestyles in logistics

Find out!

Teens working as user-as-designers with sex, drugs, and alcohol

Tips for Scripts

Research, cases, experts and inspiration

Netherlands on the Move!-tv

Media training: Show Talk Act

Tailor-made media & editing training